About Brent Wells


   Certified Personal Branding Strategist

     I challenge professionals to transform their careers and business.



Brent Wells Certified Personal Branding StrategistExperience

Professional with more than 30 years of “top performance”. Over 20 years’ experience in training and development, both with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Consulting, coaching, managing, training, recruiting, and sales in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, speciality, retail, and performance assessments.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible people at some prestigious companies. Learn more at Brent-Wells.com.


Personal Branding | Marketing & Communications | Consulting | Assessment-Based Business Solutions | Talent Management | Professional Development | Training | Pharmaceutical Sales

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst   Certified Professional Values Analyst  Certified TriMetrix HD Analyst


My passion led to my founding of Say It! Communications, LLC., an agency focused on inspiring professionals to take charge of their career and define their personal brand. In addition, equipping small business with assessment-based business solutions that help them make better hiring decision, engage their people for improved performance, and reduce their costs by reducing their employee turnover.


My drive to achieve paired with my passion for training make me a valuable resource for you. I am especially good at helping professionals and entrepreneurs in assessing their strengths, building their own personal brand, and collaborating with them to develop a strategy for achieving their absolute best.

“Brent is someone who sees patterns when others simply see complexity. He has a passion for transforming something strong into something superb”– STRENGTHFINDERS


I have a passion for travel that has allowed me to visit incredible places all over the globe. Australia, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Venezuela, The Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Mexico are just a few of my stops over the years. I would like my next adventure to be in Rome. Be sure to follow me @MBrentWells or @SayItComm. I can’t wait to experience something exciting and new.


“Never allow yourself to be limited by the small thinking of others.” – Brent Wells

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