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My name is Brent Wells.

I coach professionals through the process of developing their personal brand.

If you haven’t heard of “personal branding,” you will. The importance of having a well-defined brand has become essential to a professional’s success. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently printed an article that stated, a “personal brand is a ‘must-have’ skill needed to get ahead in 2013.

What does that mean? Well, according to the article, it is no longer good enough to have just the basic skills. A personal brand is now becoming essential to any one interested in landing a new job or seeking a promotion in 2013.

Many professionals are waking up to their need for a well-defined brand, unfortunately it is often when it is too late. They find out, when they are thrust out into the job market all of a sudden, because they were recently laid off from the company they thought they were actually going to retire from .

They grew comfortable in their career, but now that they are having to fight for their life, they are seeing that they aren’t prepared to compete in today’s job market. Don’t allow yourself to think it couldn’t happen to you, because I’m here to tell you, it can.

Now is the time to take charge of your career and make something of it. Set your sights for bigger goals and dreams.

Take this little survey: 

  • Are you where you expected yourself to be in your career? 
  • Are you in a “dead end” career?
  • Do you lack career goals and a real plan on how you are going to reach them?
  • Do you still believe that you can compete for a job, land a promotion, or grow your business without a clear understanding of what it is that makes you unique? How you will stand out?

How did you do? If you are like most, you have found yourself in a job that pays the bills, but doesn’t really allow you to do what you do best. What’s worse, you don’t even have a plan on how you are going to turn it around, so you can actually make the kind of money you want.

Don’t get too down on yourself, because you’re not alone. However, if you are like me, you refuse to simply take what life dishes out to you. I don’t believe life happens to us, I believe we have a lot of choices along that way that provide us the opportunity to change our minds, take a new course, or open a different door.

If you aren’t where you want to be  —Take yourself some place different!

Take charge of your career and make something of it.


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Brent Wells